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If you want the first Marvel female superhero film to have a real impact in a cultural sense, you need to have Marvel taking the same approximate risk that they did for the likes of Thor. A film centered around, for example, Ms. Marvel starring the likes of (just throwing names out) Katee Sackhoff, Ruth Wilson, Dianna Agron, or some complete and total unknown would be the kind of progress that we’re actually looking for.
Why Scarlett Johansson’s ‘Black Widow’ Shouldn’t Be Marvel’s First Female Superhero Film (via jennception)

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Anonymous asked: Poetz, would you please make a drabble where Kurt comes home to the Bushwick apartment and sees Quinn naked and asleep on Rachel's bed, and Rachel's horrified he came home early and says, 'I can explain,' pretty pretty please i beg with ice cream?


Not A Care In the World

Quinn Fabray is not in his kitchen!

She’s also not in her clothes! Kurt doesn’t quite react fast enough to avoid seeing every inch of Quinn when he breezes into Rachel’s bedroom, thinking he’ll find his roommate frantically tearing through her makeshift closet in search of the perfect outfit for her date tonight with Quinn.  

Who is naked.

In Rachel’s bed.  


“Oh, my God!” he squeaks, slapping a hand over his eyes and spinning around as he attempts to blindly stumble out of the room without getting tangled up in the curtain. “Oh, my God!” he repeats, trying to ignore the shadowy image of pale skin and lady bits that’s currently burned into the back of his eyelids.    

When he unexpectedly slams into a body, he screams, thinking that Quinn had somehow caught him and is about to tackle him (naked) to the floor and beat him to death for creeping on her while she was sleeping, but a hand is immediately pressed over his mouth as Rachel hisses, “Be quiet.”

Kurt drops his hand from his eyes and stares at Rachel.  “Qui eh aykeh eh u beh,” he mumbles into her palm, causing her eyebrows to furrow before she removes her hand.


“Quinn is naked in your bed,” he tells her needlessly.  Her eyes widen, and her face turns a deep crimson.  

“I can explain,” she says in a rush, trying to drag him away from her bedroom.

“The nudity is fairly self-explanatory,” he muses, finally beginning to recover from his shock. He hadn’t thought that they’d progressed that far in their relationship yet, but good for them if they had.

Rachel shakes her head. “No. It’s…  She was dirty.”

Kurt slaps his hands over his ears this time. “I don’t want the details.”

Rachel glares at him as she grabs his wrists and drags his arms down. “She was splashed by a truck on the street, and her dress got covered in sludge. It’s currently in the laundry downstairs.”

Kurt raises his eyebrows. It seems like a plausible explanation, except, “What happened to her underwear?”

Rachel blushes again. “She wanted to take a shower. I…I offered to wash her undergarments as well.”

“Oookay,” Kurt drawls. “But I’m still having trouble with the naked in your bed part. Because she is,” he reminds her with a grin.

“She…um…she must have fallen asleep when I was downstairs,” Rachel speculates, her eyes darting all around the room.

Kurt’s grin grows into a smirk. “Rachel, sweetie?”


“You do realize that you’re currently only wearing a silk robe that really doesn’t cover much of anything?” he points out, fully taking in her appearance—complete with mussed hair.

Rachel huffs, pulling her robe tighter around her body and scowling darkly at him. “You…we…I…damn it, Kurt!  You weren’t supposed to be home for another hour,” she growls, turning on her heel and stalking into her bedroom before closing her curtain with a dramatic flourish.  

Kurt laughs, and then he decides to go back out and forage for dinner, because he really doesn’t want to be in the apartment with Quinn and Rachel naked in the bedroom.

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Anonymous asked: Softer, Softest 'verse : How far you mentally planned their life before those questions? I really like this 'verse and the Valentine Day shot is sweet (and hot). :)

Thanks, anon. :) I’m quite fond of this version of Faberry as well. They make me feel squishy.

As for how far ahead into the future my headcanon for them in the Softer, Softest ‘verse went before those questions - only up until their junior year of college. So yeah, I totally answered those questions on the fly, but it was fun to think about.

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Anonymous asked: Hey Sky! can you or any of your anon's tell me where can I watch the emmy's from the other day? Thanks!

Hey! Sorry, I have no idea where you can watch the Emmy’s. :(

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Safe at Sea, part 2


on / part 1 / part 1.5

Warnings: cannibalism, scars, nudity, violence, starvation, murder, parental death, food.

AN: here you go, mermaid anon + other anon who was interested! hope you like it, it was a blast to write.


It was true that, for the last weeks, if she let her mind sufficiently wander, there was a certain quality to Rachel’s song that was… different.

Her song had never been constant, of course. Like the wind, like crystallized salt, like grooves in shells and patterns in sand, her melody must always shift and alter itself to be kept alive. But even accounting for all that and also her moods which were still sometimes unpredictable, it was absolutely undeniable that something in her song had fundamentally changed.

She refused to attribute this change to any one thing or, especially, anyone. But still, it was also true that, for the last weeks, if she let her mind sufficiently wander, it had a tendency to wander in one very particular direction.

When she saw the small boat approaching, along with the usual resentment and regret, Rachel felt a tinge of relief. For once, it felt like she could use a distraction. She licked her teeth in anticipation and ran her fingers lightly over the necklace she was likely about to replace.

But then she recognized the yellow head of wild hair, and her song died in her throat. No. It couldn’t possibly be –

"My lady, the everlasting light of my life! I have come for you!" Quinn Fabray the human pirate bellowed as she vigorously rowed her pitiful little wooden boat closer. Rachel covered her face with a palm.

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nutsvoltsandlightingbolts asked: Softer, Softest verse: Who do they go on double dates with?

Their senior year of high school, they mostly go on double dates with Kurt and Sam, although sometimes they go out with Tina/Artie and Mercedes/Anthony.

In college, it’s Kurt (because he goes to FIT) and Adam (an NYU student), who he met through Rachel. Also, they often go out with a friend of Quinn’s, who she met through her Gender and Sexuality major, and her boyfriend.

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