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To Quinn, Rachel was the ocean. She had a power that was constant. Rachel had Quinn’s heart in her hands and slowly she could rock her and other times, like today, she would crash in and drag Quinn under.

Constantly. Constantly Quinn was pushed and pulled and dragged by Rachel, and Rachel didn’t have the slightest idea of the control she possessed.

Rachel was the ocean.

You could stand at the edge for hours, looking at the surface. Hypnotized by the random rhythm of the waves causing the water to run up and down the sand. Staring at the beauty and never tiring of it, only to realize that you’ve only been looking at the surface. Underneath.. so much more.

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Getting Crazy By the Bottom Of the Bottle


Summary: Quinn briefly contemplates choosing a bar close to Santana’s apartment, but she doesn’t particularly want to spend the night on her pull out sofa bed—with or without Rachel—because she already knows that she won’t be leaving Santana alone tonight.

Twenty-Third in the Don’t Blink series. Set between Diamonds Along the Way and Forget the Wrong That I’ve Done.

Written for Pooh. Happy Birthday! 



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Anonymous asked: are you working on any new faberry fics? Maybe about what rachel thinks about the quick reunion and a talk she has with quinn afterwards in the bathroom or something..

I’m working on So Falls the World again, and I’d like to finish that story before I start working on anything new. But I do have a couple ideas cooking on the back burner.

But I’m not touching current canon. It’s not even worth my time to try and wank that shit. It’s like terrible fanfiction.

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Raising The Bar, a glee fanfic | FanFiction


Title: Raising The Bar
Author: crammit
Fandom: Glee
Rating: M
Pairing: Rachel/Quinn (quick side of Brittany/Santana)
Timeline: AU
Summary: Quinn never expected that the best matchmaker would turn out to be a lumpy pullout couch. Rated M for sex

A/N: Loosely based in my Bowery Verse. I say loosely because I had to adjust some time lines, locations, and events but I’d like to think this could happen in the general area of my Bowery Verse.

A/N: I was asked to write a Faberry one shot as a birthday gift to Pooh. A one shot birthday gift with the only prompt being “Faberry dry humping”. LOL I tried to just write a smutty one-shot. Honestly I did. But, my brain doesn’t want to ever work that way and it had to fill in all the nooks and crannies around the Humpateus Dryamous so I hope you don’t mind a little story with your smut (if you could even call this smut. I tried, Pooh, I tried! :-D) Happy Birthday, Pooh!

A/N: Big thanks again to Uvaack for agreeing to read this over and offer editing tips, suggestions, and encouragement even though Faberry isn’t necessarily her thing. :-)

A/N: As always, thanks very much for reading. Reviews are always appreciated. :-)

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Anonymous asked: Ever consider writing another story in the Never Go Hungry Again verse?

When I first finished the story, I never intended to write any more than I had. My intention was to have a realistic but hopeful ending, and I think I managed to do that successfully.

But a lot of people asked for a sequel or an epilogue, and so for awhile, I was wracking my brain on how I could do that. I started writing a prequel, but there would obviously be no Faberry in that.

I did some more research, and thought of what the story of Faberry’s future would be. I struggled to come up with something. I have vague ideas of where they might end up, but nothing really concrete. Although, at one point during FaberryCon North, I came up with something angsty and kind of depressing. :P

But after thinking about it a little more, I think it’s best if I leave that ‘verse as is. If I ever do write more for it, it wouldn’t be for a long, long time.

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