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Anonymous asked: Are you ever going to write more Lucy/Mina fanfics? I loved the ones you were writing, please don't tell me thats the end :(


Of course! Well, at the very least I will be finishing what I’ve started. I may write one or two more one-shots as well.

Just transferred this over from my old computer as well:


I’ve just been lacking inspiration for most of my other ships… And have been writing for what I have had inspiration for. (Person of Interest / Root x Shaw.)

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Anonymous asked: Hello, I been getting into tyzula (wish they had more in character fics) and I'm curious in when you started shipping them and your reasons?

I started shipping Tyzula a few months after AtLA ended. I actually shipped Azutara initially, and through my reading of those stories, I stumbled across Tyzula. After reading Aneantir and its sequel Mortmain, and rewatching “The Beach” (where Ty Lee proclaimed Azula to be “the most beautiful, smartest, most perfect girl in the world”), I promptly jumped ship. Tyzula has had a place in my heart ever since.

They are far from a healthy relationship in canon, because one half of the pairing is Azula, and considering just how damaged she is, that’s inevitable. They certainly have their issues, but I like the dynamic between them - Azula’s intensity and Ty Lee’s cheerfulness. And they’re both kind of insane. :P But the thing that really intrigues me is their potential, which I think Broken Dragon and its sequel Firelight did a masterful job of exploring.

I think that Ty Lee has the ability to soften Azula’s edges, and in turn, Azula has the ability to challenge Ty Lee to go beyond her self-imposed limits. Ty Lee’s fear was simply being seen as part of a “matched set,” but Azula saw Ty Lee’s uniqueness. Out of all the girls at the Royal Fire Academy, Azula chose Ty Lee.

And I feel like (again, despite how dysfunctional they are), they really do love each other. Probably more than they do anyone else.

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Anonymous asked: Hey sky! Could you post links to faberry deleted fics (the ones you or your anons have) to re-read them?

Hi! I actually only have a link to Your Song, which is in my fic recs. And there’s The Written Word that prosaicalmind shared a link to the other day.

This blog has some of TMF’s fics that are no longer on AO3 (or were on her now-defunct tumblr). And this mediafire page has a bunch of el.abstracto’s fics.

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Anonymous asked: "When I look back on my high school career the one thing, the one accomplishment that I'm gonna be so proud of is that I found a way to be your friend."


And then Quinn gives Rachel the one thing she had been working tirelessly for her entire high school career. And she does so happily. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

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Anonymous asked: By the WAY WHERE IS THE REST OF NEVER GO HUNGRY AGAIN you can't POSSIBLY STOP IT THERE, I demand there are 20 more chapters of it by WEDNESDAY please and thank you.

The rest of it is in your imagination. It’s a miracle I was able to write as much of that story as I did. :P

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