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My fellow Quinn fans, can we talk about this for a second?

Nene kills off Brynn in the new episode of The New Normal

For those of you who don’t know, The New Normal is Ryan Murphy’s latest show. I’ve never seen it, but I know that the main character Bryan is basically Ryan, and he writes a show Sing. In previous episodes, he has mentioned other cast members of Sing: Clea and Devin. So it’s obvious that Brynn is Quinn, because… yeah. :|

I’m not bringing this up to induce rage, but rather to help us understand why Quinn is so all over the place in terms of characterization (I mean, more so than any other character). Seems like some of people’s theories about Ryan hating Quinn/resenting Dianna might actually be true.

Personally, I noticed things going really awry for Quinn mid-way through the second season. I remember hearing a rumor that Dianna had gone to Ryan sometime in the first half of season 2 with some suggestions for Quinn’s character, and that apparently it didn’t go so well. From there on out, it was character assassination after character assassination.

As disappointing as this is - all the potential that was squandered with her character because Ryan looks for all intents and purposes to be petty and spiteful if this dig in The New Normal is any indication - it also makes it easier to ignore certain aspects of canon.

I just wonder how the cast - particularly Dianna - feels about the jabs Ryan takes at them with his new show. :(

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